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Power Workplace + Envoy empower offices with state of the art visitor management solution in HK

Power Workplace, a PropTech system integrator and technology solutions provider in Asia, has expanded its product offering by signing a reseller agreement with Envoy, a company specialized in office management platform that enables flexibility in where and how organizations operate. Notably, their visitor management platform is the best in class and empowers employers with the ability to make intelligent decisions about their most important and expensive assets - people and places.

Envoy brings multiple solutions into a single platform and mobile app built to address real problems faced by real people. There are 5 modules: Visitors, Protect, Desks, Rooms, and Deliveries.

The Visitors + Protect enables companies to know who’s coming on-site in advance so they can plan ahead with a list of who and how many people plan to come in the next day. While Desks and Rooms both empower employees to book workstations and meeting rooms in advance, the Deliveries ensure incoming mail reaches its rightful owner.

What does “hybrid work” mean to companies?

It might be a 2 + 3 model (2 days home, 3 days office), a Flex model (with employee discretion), or HQ + co-working model (optionality of spaces). There is no single definition, but there are consistent traits - optionality, flexibility, and consistency.

Moving to a hybrid work model generates many benefits, but it also poses some challenges for workplace, security, and HR teams to navigate. For instance, companies may face fines if they don’t comply with health, safety, and privacy regulations, such as local health guidelines related to pandemic control. Besides, because employees’ schedules will vary, it will be difficult for project teams as well as managers and reports to coordinate when they’ll work together on-site. Also, as schedules and foot traffic are hard to predict, the workplace could get too crowded or go underused.

“We are excited that we could bring Envoy’s visitor management solution, Visitors, to the market as there has been a huge demand for such solution in Hong Kong that could offer COVID and health protection to both visitors and employees,” said Raymond Chan, CEO of Power Workplace.

About Power Workplace

Power Workplace was founded with an idea to help organizations transform their workspaces through IoT implementation. Established in 2018 and headquartered in Hong Kong, we are a PropTech system integrator and IoT technology solutions provider that design, implement and maintain occupancy analytics and smart office applications for organizations across the APAC region.

About Envoy

Envoy is transforming modern workplaces, challenging the status quo with products that make office life and work more meaningful. Envoy has redefined how offices interact with visitors and manage deliveries in over 13,000 locations around the globe while building products for a new era of workplace experience. Companies like Slack, Asana, Pinterest, and Warby Parker rely on Envoy to create an unrivaled first impression, and keep their offices secure and compliant.

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