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About Power Workplace


Power Workplace was founded in 2017 with the ambition to accelerate the world’s transition to future-of-work by empowering organizations with technologies needed to transform their workplace experiences in smart offices, smart buildings, and smart campuses.


Founded in Hong Kong by industry leading experts across cloud computing, audio-visual engineering, and the Internet-of-Things space, Power Workplace has designed, built, and managed workplace solutions globally for our customers through the integration of sensors, real-time analytics, open access platforms, and UI/UX development to empower the next generation of workplace strategy formation.


Our customers include global banks, global insurers, “big 4” professional accountancy firms, and top ranked universities.


Power Workplace was conceived during a time when integration of workplace sensors and a productivity suite was a rarity. Our first project for a global insurance firm was completed in 2018 incorporating thousands of occupancy sensors with Office 365 and a new UI/UX development for an employee engagement application to speed up adoption of hot desks and bookable spaces.


Our initial success generated the momentum needed to innovate our solutions as well as curating the “best-of-breed” hardware products and technologies for the future generation of workplace strategy.

Today and beyond

Today, with over 70,000 sensing spaces deployed and managed, we support over 50,000+ users worldwide and have been recognized as a leader in workplace technologies design and integration.


Power Workplace is partnering with global facilities managers, technology solutions providers, cloud service providers, sensing hardware vendors, and interior design consultants to deliver a truly integrated and future-proof solution for every scenario at work.

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