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People Counting with Heights and Breadths

Hella is a trusted player in footfall counting in the retail and public transport with advanced features such as people counting, zone monitoring, and camera recording.

Why Hella?

Hella is trusted in diverse sectors, ranging from retail, banks and transport to leisure facilities, public buildings and corporate offices. Hella sensors can cover up to 6m and area up to 30 sqm.

Their sensors enable organizations to measure occupancy and space utilization which has the potential to transform how business performs. Such accurate data enables informed decision making and make the organization a smarter spaces.

What Benefits Does Hella offer?

  • Space utilization: Optimize real estate through rightsizing. Improve strategic decision making.

  • Empower employees whilst attracting and retaining talent.

  • Energy and HVAC: Reduce operational costs and improve environmental impact.

  • Open areas & spaces: Measure the usage of flexible and non-defined areas for optimization and right-sizing.

  • Portfolio rightsizing: Improve asset utilization, space rationalization, employee productivity and experience.

  • Restroom management: Understand usage trends for demand-based cleaning, improve sanitization and safety.

  • Desk management: Optimize desk space and improve employee experience with live space availability.

To be used at public transport, high traffic areas or corridors, shopping malls, workplaces.

Why Does My Business Need This?

Occupancy sensors can lead to significant energy savings, as lighting and climate control can account for up to 70% of an organization’s energy consumption, by automatically turning off these electricals based on occupancy. Employees can be more productive with better desk management and air quality control.


Finally, occupancy sensors can also help organizations improve their sustainability by reducing energy consumption. Organizations can reduce their carbon footprint and help protect the environment.

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