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Air Quality Technology

Power Workplace and C-POLAR have joined hands to make air quality the top priority for schools and workplaces.

Combining a sophisticated filtering mechanism, an open access API, and a user friendly air quality management platform, the Aura Air filters could eliminate 99.9% of harmful particles while providing real-time data, insights, and recommendations for facilities managers.


There are uncountable numbers of air filters in the market for schools and workplaces. But they lack all the necessary features enterprises look for in one single, affordable package.

C-POLAR™ stands out for schools and workplaces seeking everything in one: unmatched efficiency, safety, and affordability.  It clean the air by harnessing multidimensional data from IoT sensors, human feedback, building configurations, and other environmental profiles.

What Benefits Does
C-POLAR offer?

24/7 monitoring is now possible to track indoor quality of these metrics: CO2, CO, VOC, PM2.5, PM10, humidity, and temperature


Air Quality Index (AQI) provides insight to air quality of dedicated space

and offers automation of filtration speed and air circulation volume through integration with building management system.


Medical grade filtration removes harmful particles in air to protect the health of your employees.

Why Does My Business Need This?

If you are looking to make health a top priority for your employees or users in your buildings, investing in C-POLAR means investing in your people.


Achieving excellent air quality and providing real time insights to users is part of the WELL standard requirements.

How Power Workplace Can Help

Power Workplace has partnered with C-POLAR to deploy air management platform and solutions, as well as building automation, for schools, workplaces, offices, and public spaces.

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