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Image by Milad Fakurian

PointGrab Occupancy Sensing Platform 

Power Workplace is proud to be working closely with PointGrab to deliver occupancy sensing solutions to our global customers in Hong Kong, Sydney, Singapore, London and beyond to provide room and hot desks analytics and space automation.

Why PointGrab?

PointGrab has been tested for cybersecurity and privacy by global banks and financial institutions. The sensing platform offers one of the cost effective sensing solution for building and campus wide deployment. 

What Benefits Does PointGrab offer?

The real time analytics allow our customer plan their space dynamically through downsizing of large otherwise wasted meeting rooms, creation of hot desks, monitoring of pantry and public areas.

Why Does My Business Need This?

With building up a data-oriented workplace environment, it helps business to reduce carbon emissions, utilize office space, save energy and money.

How Power Workplace Can Help

We offer consultation on space analytics, design and deployment services, and integration with workplace suite such as Office 365. 


We also design and deploy digital signages based on live data.

Reference Projects


Power Workplace process space analytics to guarantee a safe workplace for a global bank. 

Since 2019


Power Workplace has partnered with a leading university to optimize space utilization.

Since 2017

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