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PlaceOS Smart Workplace Solution

Power Workplace and PlaceOS have partnered to deliver world-class workplace solutions to our global customers by integrating the physical with the digital.

From desk booking to visitor management, from automating physical access control to audio-visuals, PlaceOS is our go-to solution for those who look for a scalable and unmatched user experience for their buildings.

Why PlaceOS?

PlaceOS has an extensive integration library with the ability to control and automate anything connected to it. Real-time events and trigger actions can be defined to automate workflows, such as booking, controlling meeting room devices, granting access to visitors, etc.

What Benefits Does PlaceOS offer?

PlaceOS offers both a custom and an SaaS solution.


The SaaS solution, branded as PlaceOS One, offers immediate benefits to customers who need to turn their workplace into a hybrid environment and to provide the users with an adaptive user experience through intelligent rook booking, desk booking, car space booking, real time occupancy data, catering and so much more.


For those who need a tailor-made or on-premise solution and corporate specific requirements, a custom deployment is possble through.

Why Does My Business Need This?

If you are looking at providing your employees with a hybrid workplace experience, obtain live analytics, and optimise resource utilisation through automation and integration with all kinds of existing or new sensors, PlaceOS is your gateway to your success.

How Power Workplace Can Help

Power Workplace has partnered with PlaceOS to consult, design, deploy, and manage PlaceOS deployments globally.

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