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Humly Display Panels and Reservations for the Rest of Us

Humly Workplace Solutions combines the world’s most beautiful Room Display in the world and their easy-to-use Humly Reservations to offer an integrated, intuitive user experience to reserve rooms and hot desks.


Tightly integrated into Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and Google Workplace, Humly is a natural extension from your existing productivity suite to empower your users with the flexibility they need in a hybrid workplace.

Why Humly?

Humly provides a real-time booking availability through a list or a floor plan with detailed, customized room information, such as room availability, technologies or amenities, capacity, and approval process.

All spaces sync with the company’s resource calendars. Room reservations can be done on any user device or the Room Display. The Microsoft Teams add-on allows users to reserve a space within Teams. There is no separate app to install.


What Benefits Does Humly offer?

Humly offers an award-winning room display panel. It’s truly eye-catching. Humly offers compliance, flexibility, security, and an automized room reservation system for workplace management.

Humly’s newly introduced Desk Display equips your hot desks with one-touch booking and a beautiful display for occupancy details, such as user and time of booking. It natively integrates with your height adjustable desks, too.

Why Does My Business Need This?

Workplace: Automated, precise management for meeting rooms and spaces. Promotes higher and better utilization of office equipment and spaces and driving up efficiency.

University: Real-time reservation system provides a better utilization rate for lecture hall and library facilities e.g, discussion room, and multi-media facility.

How Power Workplace Can Help

If you are looking for a no-fuss, cost effective solution as you start your hybrid workplace journey, look no further. As a Microsoft Partner, we can advise you how to empower your hybrid workplace on top of what you currently have by adopting Humly across your organization.

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