Desk Management

Hot desking is the trend but few get it right in terms of logistics and user experience.  

Since 2018, we have been pioneering Desk Management Solutions for organisations who adventure into the unchartered waters of hot desking.


Flexible desk management

Easy monitoring

  • Desk presence sensors

  • Ceiling-based occupancy sensors

  • QR codes for check-in

  • Live desk status at App and lobbies

  • Pre-booking for task forces

  • Real analytics for future space planning

Today, over 5,000 desks are managed by our desk management solutions and are still growing. 

Core features: 

  • Integration with Office 365 

  • Support for “Hotel Mode” and “Parking Mode”

  • Passive check-in by sensors

  • Active check-in by QR codes

  • Live desk occupancy data published to Employee App or digital signages 

  • Short-term reservation.

  • Professional hardware installation and cabling works