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Take People Counting on Radar

SensMax allows an organisations to track people movement within buildings and open spaces through anonymous mmWave radar sensing technology. This can be used in both outdoor and indoor settings for traffic line counting (in/out), queue management, and people counting in spaces, even in complete darkness.

Why SensMax?

The people counting sensor from SensMax uses radar technology operating in the mmWave range which is the most advanced technology for vigorous tracking of moving objects in area. It can produce accurate sensing even in poor visibility and low light conditions, regardless of weather conditions, as it does not use face recognition or video technology. This radar sensor is universal which can be used for Smart City projects, IoT projects, Security projects and also for indoor and outdoor people counting projects.

What Benefits Does SensMax offer?

  • Tracking of objects in 4D space

  • Real time people counting: The sensor counts the moving objects in user-defined counting lines or zones.

  • The anonymous counting of people: 100% of GDPR/Privacy law compatibility.

  • Objects differentiation: The sensor differentiates moving objects by their speed and s are counted individually.

  • Wide viewing area: The sensor has a viewing angle of 120° and a range of 10 meters, allowing an area of up to 100m2 to be monitored by a single sensor.

  • Easy installation: The sensor is installed on a wall at a height of 2-3 metres above the floor.

  • Easy setup: All that is needed for full functionality is a Wi-Fi connection and power. No additional equipment is required.

  • Working offline: The sensor continue working even without network connection. All collected data is stored on the built-in Micro SD card. As soon as the network connection is re-established, the sensor sends all data to the server.

  • MQTT protocol

  • IFTTT Webhooks support

  • Intelligent counting: The sensor does not count an object again if this object crosses the counting line again and again.

  • Predicting of object’s trajectory

Where To Be Used?

High privacy spaces such as toilets, changing rooms, hospitals, high traffic areas, offices, malls, meeting rooms.

Why Does My Business Need This?

Occupancy sensors can lead to significant energy savings, as lighting and climate control can account for up to 70% of an organization’s energy consumption, by automatically turning off these electricals based on occupancy. Employees can be more productive with better desk management and air quality control. Finally, occupancy sensors can also help organizations improve their sustainability by reducing energy consumption. Organizations can reduce their carbon footprint and help protect the environment.

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