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IoT Sensors

We have sourced and customized IoT Sensors for our customers worldwide to meet their diverging business needs. 

For specific cases, we design custom firmware and enclosures for environments. 

  • Room Occupancy and People Counting 

  • Traffic Line People Counting 

  • Desk Occupancy (Ceiling-based) 

  • Desk occupancy (Desk-based, battery-operated) 

  • Temperature 

  • Humidity 

  • Pressure 

  • PM 2.5 (Indoor use) 

  • Carbon Dioxide  

  • Luminance (Light Meter) 

  • Power Meter 

  • Water Meter 

  • Gas Meter 

  • Car Park Space Sensor 

All our sensors are provisioned and connected via MQTT and report their telemetry to Azure IoT Hub.