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Pressac EnOcean Sensing Platform

Power Workplace is one of the first partners with Pressac in APAC. Today, we have equipped more than 10,000 desks and spaces with Pressc occupancy sensors to provide live analytics for hot desks, meeting rooms, and spaces

Why Pressac?

Pressac occupancy sensors for desks and spaces are battery powered. They are highly reliable and offer real time analytics over the EnOcean transmission technology.

What Benefits Does Pressac offer?

Pressac sensors have been tested globally in different indoor and outdoor settings and are proven to be resilient to the day to day uses (and abuses) that offer reliable live analytics our customers need for their workplace transformation.

Why Does My Business Need This?

Battery-powered sensors mean they are easy to deploy and relocate. This is highly ideal for workplaces that are dynamic as well as re-stacking proects.

How Power Workplace Can Help?

We offer consultation on space analytics, design and deployment services, and integration with various different kinds of sensors for different needs. Above all, we connect the sensors to your Office 365 or other productivity suites to make the data and analytics meaningful and useful.

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